About Us

Pon Pon, Mangalore was established in the year 1984 with a small unit by Mr.K.Subramanya, who is proprietor of the company.

Pon Pon, Mangalore are veteran manufacturers of Indian traditional snacks such as Chikkis, Laddus, Namkeens and Chakkulis with the best quality of raw materials. We have more than 30 product varieties which are hygienically manufactured and packed at our factory in Mangalore, Karnataka.

Our Aim

Our aim is to provide our customers with hygienic and authentic quality products.

Our Products

All our products are available at stores and retail outlets near you.


Peanut Laddus

Pon Pon Peanut Laddus

Key ingredients : Peanut, jaggery, glucose liquid & cardomom powder

Shev Laddus

Pon Pon Shev Laddus

Key Ingredients : Jaggery and shev made with groundnut flour

Jaggery mixed with shev is very nutritious sweetmeal for the winter season

Corn Laddus

 Pon Pon Corn Laddus

Key Ingredients: Jaggery, Glucose Liquid and corn

Puffed Rice Laddus

Pon Pon Puffed Rice Laddus

Key Ingredients: Jaggery, Glucose Liquid, sugar & cleaned puffed rice

Laddus made with puffed rice are filled in deserts and sweets.

Sesame Laddus

Pon Pon Sesame Laddus

Key Ingredients: Jaggery, roasted & cleaned sesame, cardomom powder & cashewnut

Black Sesame Laddus

Pon Pon Black Sesame Laddus

Key Ingredients: Jaggery, roasted & cleaned black sesame, cardomom powder & cashewnut

If you every worry about aging and grey hair, then you must stock black sesame laddus in your kitchen, shop etc. This laddu will provide your family the daily dose of essential nutrients

Muthinchoor Laddus

Pon Pon Muthinchoor Laddus

Key Ingredients: Plain boondhi, jaggery, glucose liquid & sugar

Mangala Laddus

Pon Pon Mangala Laddus

Key Ingredients: Boondhi, Sesame and jaggery

Whitelay Laddus

Pon Pon Whitelay Laddus

Key Ingredients: Nice Pori, jaggery and ghee

Ashtami Laddus

Pon Pon Ashtami Laddus

Key Ingredients: Jaggery, shev, boondhi, white sesame, cashewnut, ghee, cardomom, liquid glucose,nice pori

Panchami Laddus

Pon Pon Panchami Laddus

Key Ingredients: Jaggery, shev, boondhi, black sesame, peanut, liquid glucose and nice pori

Chowthi Laddus

Pon Pon Chowthi Laddus

Key Ingredients: Jaggery, shev, boondhi, ghee , liquid glucose and nice pori

Biglay Laddu

Pon Pon Biglay Laddu


Peanut Chikki

Pon Pon Peanut Chikki

Key ingredients : Roasted peanut,cardamom powder and jaggery.

Though Indians use peanut in different manner in daily use in Spices, Oil and many more but it has significance in fast because of its nutritional values. It is most popular form is peanut chikki. Even in fast you can eat it as to fullfill your nutritional requirement of the day

Thil Chikki

Pon Pon Thil Chikki

Key ingredients : Roasted Thil,cardamom powder & jaggery

Thil is not only used as part of spices, it is a standalone ingredient in many dishes. According to Ayurveda, thil is heat producing. Food made from thil like chikki, laddu are recommended during the winter season.

Nice Chikki

Pon Pon Nice Chikki

Key ingredients : Crushed peanut, cardamom powder & jaggery,


Madras Mix

Pon Pon Madras Mix

Key ingredients : Groundnut, shev, piece thingal, piece murukku, piece chakkuli, fried gram, curry leaves , garlic and mixed masala

Bhel Mix

Pon Pon Bhel Mix

Key ingredients : Cleaned pori, groundnut, Urikadlai, curry leaves and mixed masala

Dal Mix

Pon Pon Dal Mix

Key ingredients : Shev, piece thingal, dal, plain boondhi, corn, groundnut, curry leaves and mixed masala

Corn Mix

Pon Pon Corn Mixture

Butter Muruku

Pon Pon Butter Muruku

Masala Muruku

Pon Pon Masala Muruku

Butter Chakkuli

Pon Pon Butter Chakkuli

Masala Chakuli

Pon Pon Masala Chakuli

Thingal Vade

Pon Pon Butter Thingal Vade

Masala Thingal Vade

Pon Pon Masala Thingal Vade

Masala Urikadlai

Pon Pon Masala Urikadalai

Key ingredients : Urikadlai, curry leaves and mixed masala

Khaara Boondhi

Pon Pon Khaara Boondhi


Pon Pon Shev

Khara Shev

Pon Pon Khara Shev

Salt Peanut

Pon Pon Salt Peanut

Masala Peanut

Pon Pon Masala Peanut

Key ingredients : Roasted Peanut & Mixed Masala

Masala Papdi

Pon Pon Masala Papdi

Festival Specials

Puffed Rice Laddu

Pon Pon Puffed Rice Laddu
  • Holi
  • Durga Puja
  • Kojagori Lakshmi Puja
  • Makar Sankranthi Special
  • Lohri - Festival of Punjab

Ashtami Laddu, Chowthi Laddu, Pachami Laddu, Whitelay Laddu, Lay Laddu

Pon Pon Festival Laddus
  • Ayudha Puja
  • Krishna Janmashtami

White Sesame Laddu, Black Sesame Laddu

Pon Pon Sesame Laddus
  • Christmas
  • Winter Season Special

Bombay Laddu

Pon Pon Bombay Laddus
  • Marriage Special

Chakkuli, Muruku, Mixture, Boondhi

Pon Pon Diwali Snacks
  • Diwali Special

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